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The São Paulo General Warehousing and Centers Company (CEAGESP) was established in 1969 from the merger of two companies of the State of São Paulo: CEASA (State Supply Center) and CAGESP (São Paulo State General Warehouse Company). Today, the company keeps a major public system of warehouses in the State of São Paulo, and a complex with 13 wholesale centers that guarantee supply to most of the State and other States as well, in addition to offering support services to farmers, traders and consumers.

CEAGESP's main place of business in the capital of the state is in the Terminal Warehouse of São Paulo (ETSP), considered as one of the largest in the world in sold volumes. It began its activities in 1966, when the Central and Cantareira markets were flooded and merchants were forced to move to the Vila Leopoldina center while it was under construction at the time.

By the end of the 1970s the company began a supply decentralization process and inaugurated the first warehouse outside of the capital, in the city of São José do Rio Preto. The Company currently maintains 12 units distributed in the State, located next to production and consumption poles.

The Company's warehousing system grew at the same pace. In 1970, CEAGESP erected the first horizontal silos coupled to bulk-carriers in the Country. The system at the time received regulated stocks from the federal government, purchased in several States and stored in cities in the countryside of São Paulo.

As of 1986, accompanying the changes in the agricultural industry, the warehouses of CEAGESP also began to store products such as bagged sugar with the expansion of sugarcane cultivation, which, alongside the orange, assumed the top crop position in São Paulo. In 1997, CEAGESP was transferred to the Federal Government, under the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply (MAPA).

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